Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Month of Meals

WOW!! I am so blessed! I won A Month of Meals ebook by Jamie at Baby Get Green through the giveaway Tsh on was hosting!! This is a wonderful ebook that provides you with everything that you need to create "a month of meals" - minus the food and the cooking ;-) . Jamie creates a easy to follow menu plan with simple recipes with inexpensive ingredients and make-ahead foods so that you are even prepared on those "I don't want to cook days." Jamie even writes out your shopping list for you and gives you a very accurate estimate of the cost! This is a terrific ebook that Jamie has written!! You can let all of the hard work that Jamie has done work for you for only $6.97!! Click here to order it. It is more than worth the small investment!! This book is going to help me tons!!! Thank you, Tsh, for hosting the giveaway! Thank you, Jamie, for writing this very helpful ebook and being so generous as to provide a free copy for Tsh's giveaway! I can't wait to implement it!!!

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